Would you believe it?!


The people of Cologne love to tell a tall tale.
So much has happened in the city's two thousand years of history - they are never
short of a good story. But, well, isn't it asking too much to remember all those tiny
details. Yes, it is! Knowing half of a story is quite enough for a colonian to tell all of
it. So new tales have been made up all of the time and still are. Some of these tales
have even helped the people of Cologne to make a lot of money. Wouldn't it be
worthwhile to listen to all those stories and then get to know what's really behind
them? Believe me, reality is often even stranger than invention! Whose bones are
lying in the golden shrine of the cathedral, was the first bishop of Cologne a disciple
of St. Peter and who did really invent Eau de Cologne?


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