Witches, Ghosts, Death and the Devil

Costume Tour

From the nightly cathedral, where the beast once snatched many a human soul, where
Master Wolf poured the devil's bell and master builder Gerhard took on a bet with the
devil, a ghost will lead you to the Rhine.

The stories of the Last Meals in the chamber of horrors and subsequent death in the
"Weckschnapp" (snap away), the old city tower by the Rhine, are scary.

Let yourself get taken from the Martin's quarter to the historical town hall!

Spooky tales of specters, witches, fiery carts, humans turned into stone and a
seemingly dead buried woman line our way.

Are you brave enough to follow the ghost along dark streets and squares at night?

Duration: 1.5 hours

Group price 184.00€


You can book this tour as an individual tour. You pick the day and the start time and
you can participate with a maximum of 25 people. Group price is 184€. Parallel
tours are also possible.


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