Criminal Cologne


During our criminal tours, we will lead you to the places of extraordinary criminal cases
that were spectacular at the time and still are today, some of them centuries later. The
kidnapping of master baker Philipp Ecks with the subsequent ransom demand in the
year 1588 moved the Cologne people just like the kidnapping of Rold Hörnschemeyer
in 1939 or Nina von Gallwitz and Johannes Erlemann in 1981. You will also hear about
the police, the judges and judges' servants, the courts and the inflicted penalties during
our tours. The Schmierstraße - today Komödienstraße -, Am Berlich or the Schwalben-
gasse were once notorious, in the 60s and 70s of the last century, the Friesen and EWG
quarter, Eigelstein, Weidengasse, Gereonswall were infamous. The principal focus of
criminality was the area around the Rheinau harbor and bars and brewing houses were
part of the red light district. A visit to this quarter was referred to as "going to the water"
and when a police officer visited a bar here, the music went off and the song "Bonsoir
Herr Kommissar" was played.


The best criminal stories...

will be told on this city tour. Robberies, kidnapping and murder run through the chronic
of Cologne like a common thread. The most exciting and curious cases will be explained.

You will experience a "Best Of" of the tours " "Hangdogs", "Thieves, Robbers, Racketeers",
"Following Crime" and "Murder in the Salzgasse".

Duration: 1.5 hours

Murder in the Salzgasse

A butcher gets arrested with his wife and daughters for a collaborative murder. Two female
corpses are found in Deutz with cut throats. The priest of St. Maria in the Kupfergasse is
tried in court for a double murder and the bandit chief Matthias Weber, who is called the
"Fetzer", enjoys himself in the brothel "Düwels Drück" in the Schwalbengasse. Criminal
stories from the 19th century, presented by Peter Zarazinski.
Duration: 1.5 hours

Following Crime

Criminal stories from the 20th century. Child abductions in Cologne-Hahnwald and on the
Hohe Street, a bank robbery with hostage-taking and a spectacular burglary in the cathedral
treasure chamber are all part of the criminal history of Cologne.

In the sixties, Cologne was the "Chicago by the Rhine", the city with the highest criminal rate.
The kings of the demimonde and criminal community are "Schäfers Nas" and "Dummse
Tünn". Irmgard Swinska gets sentenced to death on May 7, 1949 by the Cologne district
court because of a quintuple murder by poison. The constitution removed the death penalty
on May 23, 1949, so she did not have to die under the beheading machine in the prison
"Klingelpütz" like the Mülheim serial killer Peter Kürten, the "Vampire of Düsseldorf".
Duration: 1.5 hours


Criminal stories from the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age. The master baker Philipp
Ecks gets kidnapped and his wife does not want to pay the ransom money. Archbishop
Engelbert does not want to let himself get kidnapped and gets killed and his murderer gets
broken on the Jewish cemetery. Faked annuity certificates are going around in the empire
and the salt taxes get defrauded by Ambrosius. A mother and her daughter commit a murder
in the cathedral courtyard and both get buried alive by Melaten. Tillmann Iserheupt violates
the cathedral and prefers to be killed rather than getting married to be free. Prostitutes rob
their customers in the municipal house of pleasure with the approval of the Cologne council
and the executioner has to knock off the head of a chaplain, father of nine children.
Duration: 1.5 hours

Guys & Dolls...

dominated many street parades in the 50s through the 70s in Cologne, which used to be
called the Chicago by the Rhine.

Whether Eigelstein or Friesenviertel, the milieu has its home along the rings and the Rhine.
Shimmering figures like "Dummse Tünn" or "Schäfers Nas" were on the lookout and kept
the printing presses of "Express" and "Bild" going. Follow the insider Petra Liessem
through the nightly Cologne and find out exactly what happened between the Rhine and
the Rings of Cologne. We will finish in the oldest scene pub of Cologne, in the "Klein Köln".

Duration: 2 hours (adults only)

Sex and Crime

Was Agrippina, the founder of Cologne, really a multiple murderer and her son Nero her
lover? Were the whores of Cologne allowed to rob their johns with the approval of the city
council? And was the municipal house of pleasure attached to a cemetery? Were men
that had been sentenced to death able to marry virgins of Cologne to free themselves?
And where did Casanova hide until he seduced the mayor's wife? Did unfaithful wives
have to wear a chastity belt and did witches of Cologne make sure that honest men
failed in bed? You will find out all about this and much more during this entertaining tour.

Duration: 1.5 hours


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