Cologne From Below

The underground Cologne

Many subterranean landmarks that Cologne has to offer can be seen during this tour.
We will find the remains of the Roman north gate and the Roman Wall, discover the
escape tunnel from a Cologne archbishop and we will visit the impressive ruins of
the Praetorium, the official residence of the governor of Rome in Germania Inferior.
We will finish this extraordinary city tour experience with a walk beneath the streets
of Cologne - right through a Roman sewer tunnel....


Duration: 1.5 hours

Group price 144.00€ - + 3.50€ admission per person


You can book this tour as an individual tour. You pick the day and the start time and
you can participate with a maximum of 25 people. Group price is 144€ plus 3.49€
admission per person. Parallel tours are also possible.


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