Beer stories from the Old City

During a walk from the cathedral to town hall and the Old Market, by the Great
St. Martin over the Willi-Ostermann-Square to the Iron Market and Heumarkt, we will take
breaks in three brewery houses and beer gardens (depending on the weather). After the
tour you will know: why the male hops decrease the brewing value, why a Cologne mirror
cannot get steamy and why the Prussian police ordinance forbid the service of waitresses.
"Tünnes and Schäl", "Jan and Griet", Willi Millowitsch and Willi Ostermann, "Kallendresser"
and "Platzjabeck", "Hänneschen and Bärbelchen", Schmitzsäule and and and...
also belong to this tour.

Duration: 2.5 hours


Waiter, Cellar, Kölsch

With a medieval style, our waiter will lead you from the cathedral to the Heumarkt and back
and forth to the Cologne Underground. In ancient vaulted cellars, you can experience the
"kölsch" way of brewing and building art with a freshly tapped Kölsch. And our waiter knows
a lot about Kölsch, but even more about Cologne. So after the tour, you will know where the
executioner of Cologne used to live and why he supplied the beer brewers with the clipped
off fingers of hanged men. You will know why you did not need to puke at the puke-bench
by the Old Market and why violence judge servants locked up blind beggars with pigs in an
enclosure. You will find out that there are no mills in the "Mill valley" and that beauties
prostituted themselves by the mills. This and much more you will find out during our
entertaining cellar tour, which will also lead you through streets and squares of the
Cologne Old City.

Duration: 2.5 hours

You can book these tours as individual tours. You pick the day and the start time
and you can participate with a maximum of 25 people. Group price is 185€. Parallel
tours are also possible.


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